An Experience We All Need From Time To Time: Mother’s Love Can Conquer Any Fear

Charming and captivating, Mother’s Love Can Conquer Any Fear! (Kommuru Books) is a treasure for the family bookshelf. A father himself, author Subhash Kommuru couldn’t find the books he wanted to read to his son, so he and his wife set out to create them.

Mother’s Love Can Conquer Any Fear! is a positive message about bullying, teamwork and the power of a mother’s love. Subhash and Sujata Kommuru immigrated to the U.S. from India and seek to fill their son’s childhood with the diversity, traditional wisdom and cultural values they remember from their own youth. The time-honored structure of the fable lends its strength to their stories; animal characters reveal truth in familiar patterns.

Shastriji is a wise old chicken who always has an answer until the vile crow Kaalia comes along, up to no good. Attempts to thwart the crow backfire one after the other. Will Kaalia’s tyranny end? What if the right question is not “how” but “why?” The funny, action-packed story becomes a tribute to motherhood when a mother’s love overcomes all odds and propels Ganga to do something that dazzles everyone in Anand Nagar.

As in the very best of children’s literature, the gentle humor appeals to a younger audience while adults appreciate more subtle touches. Action and suspense cut through the age gap without obscuring the important moral lesson of the story.

Mesmerizing illustrations, rendered with love by Sujata Kommuru, capture every nuance of the tale in great detail and every character has been very carefully portrayed and designed. They have also published Bargad, available in Hindi and English, and Subhash is the author of The Magic of Friendship. The Kommurus have the heart, the talent and the skill to combine the beauty and mystery of an age-old culture with a sensible message that honors love and family in the 21st century.

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Mother’s Love Can Conquer Any Fear!
Kommuru Books
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ISBN-13 978-0990317821