Angie Martinez On Hillary Clinton, Jay Z & A Possible TV Career PLUS– Her New Cookbook!

iHeartRadio host, entrepreneur and author Angie Martinez sits down with Larry King in New York City for the Emmy nominated series Larry King Now to discuss her support for Hillary Clinton, working with Jay Z, and why she won’t be recording new music. Also, is TV next for “The Voice of New York?”


Power 105.1 radio host Angie Martinez weighed in on Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer, where the Olympic champion disclosed that he is transgender, “I think good for him. I think whatever makes you happy. You know, life is short, man. People are struggling with all kinds of things. If that’s like a struggle for you, then get it out, get happy.” (clip below)


The queen of radio and broadcasting discussed opened up to Larry about signing with Jay Z’s Roc Nation management company and what the future might hold for her career, “I definitely think television is in the future. So far it’s been great, I’ve already been talking at colleges and doing events that I really wasn’t doing before, and we’re just getting started.” (clip below)

Lastly, the self-made media powerhouse shared her enthusiasm for food and talked about her new, one-of-a-kind cookbook entitled Healthy Latin Eating: Our Favorite Family Recipes Remixed, which includes fun stories from two accomplished and influential members of the Latin American community, Angie Martinez herself and acclaimed chef Angelo Sosa. On the cookbook, Angie divulged, “It’s not a diet book. It’s just ways to kind of take these foods that we grew up with and we love and make them a little healthier.” The vibrant volume offers over 100 innovative and delicious recipes that blend the art of Latin cooking with healthy eating.