Carlos Santana: Ferguson is “A Step Forward”

PLUS– Drugs & The Afterlife and Obama Being “A Beautiful Person”

The legendary Carlos Santana sits down with Larry King on the Emmy nominated series “Larry King Now” and takes him through a spiritual journey of his famed career, including tales from Woodstock & working alongside other icons like Hendrix & Coltrane. Also, Santana dishes on Ferguson, President Obama, and immigration reform.


Santana weighed in on President Obama’s immigration reform proposal, “I think he’s a beautiful person, you know? I think that if I was him, I would make a t-shirt that says ‘I don’t need your permission nor your approval to do something that is wonderful for humanity.’” Carlos also talked about his Kennedy Center Honor, “On behalf of all the people who clean all the sheets, and bathrooms and all that stuff in every hotel in America, I represent them. I am the dreams and aspirations of the invisible people. I am.” (clips below)


The legendary musician explained why he thinks the situation in Ferguson, Mo. is “a step forward” to a greater equality in America,  “you have to heal something, you have to confront it.” He added that certain songs including, ‘What A Wonderful World,’ ‘One Love,’ and ‘Imagine’ have the power to help heal people. (clip below)


Lastly, Carlos talked to Larry about his use of weed and mescaline and how they helped him fight certain demons in his life, “I was using medicine. Drugs are something that man makes in a laboratory. Medicine is something that mother nature makes in the earth.” A big believer of the afterlife, Carlos Santana, unveiled his beliefs on the matter, “We don’t [die]. We just go in another room where you discard the need for a limited body.” He also told Larry that when he leaves this life, Coltrane and Johnny Hooker will be there, giving him a standing ovation