Get Fiesta Ready for Cinco de Mayo

IMUSA’s wide range of specialty Mexican products cover all the bases needed to throw an authentic, festive and colorful Mexican fiesta, including:


Granite Molcajete Set

GK Molcajete Set

The IMUSA GlobalKitchen Molcajete ‘Guacamole’ Set gives every home cook the ultimate tool kit in throwing an authentic fiesta. This GlobalKitchen Guacamole Set is large enough to grind up a party-size batch of guacamole; able to grind just about any type of food that will fit into the bottom of the mortar.  Mix and serve in the same bowl and use the minis to display garnishes and toppings.  So break out the tortilla chips and let’s have a fiesta! SRP: $39.99 /


NEW! Electric Tortilla Maker


The IMUSA Electric Tortilla Maker allows you to make homemade tortillas with ease. Flatten and cook your dough at the same time! Simply place tortilla dough (flour or corn) between the nonstick plates, press down to create tortilla, then lift lid and flip tortilla to continue cooking (with lid open) until tortilla slightly browns and is cooked through. SRP: $49.99 /


Citrus Squeezers

GK Citrus Squeezer WB


The IMUSA Red Citrus Squeezer from the GlobalKitchen Caribbean line is a handy tool that makes extracting citrus juice a breeze. Start with a cut citrus half, then simply press down to squeeze and extract juice.  A little bit of pressure goes a long way. Try fresh lemonade or lime juice to mix into your margaritas and ceviche. SRP $7.99 /


Bright Cloth Tortilla Warmers

Cloth Tortilla Warmer- Hi Res

The IMUSA Cloth Tortilla Warmer makes it easy to serve fresh, warm tortillas at any meal. Tortilla warmers are essential in any Mexican kitchen, used to keep tortillas hot, soft and fresh while gathered around the dinner table. SRP $9.99.


Festive Tortilla Presses

Orange Tortilla Press

The IMUSA Tortilla Press features a traditional and durable design that allows for perfectly pressed homemade tortillas, with just the right thickness and round shape.  Easy to use – just insert your dough or ‘masa’ and with one press, your dough turns into griddle-ready disks to be cooked.  Create authentic, restaurant-style tortillas, and impress your guests at your next Mexican-themed dinner! Available at for $18.99.


Quesadilla Makers

Quesadilla Maker-Hi ResThe IMUSA Quesadilla Maker cooks up golden brown quesadillas in just 4 to 5 minutes. Easy to use and efficient, this gadget prepares the popular Mexican dish without any mess. The Quesadilla Maker features non-stick cooking plates, an excess drip tray, locking lid, as well as ready and heat indicator lights. SRP: $24.99 / Target.


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