Get Ready To Shave Face

Men have long unwittingly enjoyed the exfoliation benefits of shaving, but now more and more women are catching on and getting in on the action.

Celebs like Real Housewives‘ Caroline Manzo have even admitted to using a razor to smooth skin and get rid of unwanted facial hair. Hey, it’s quicker than a waxing appointment, and easier to maintain!

And she’s not alone. A recent study revealed that 67% of women surveyed were upset about their facial hair.

But is shaving appropriate and safe for a woman’s softer skin? In short, YES, says Dr. Julius Few, Founder of The Few Institute.

However, traditional razors were designed for men’s facial hair, which is coarse and thick. A better solution for women looking to “shave face” is DERMAFLASH, an at-home dermaplaning device designed specifically for the fine, thin hair on a woman’s face.

DERMAFLASH is not your guy’s razor. DERMAFLASH’s functionality and subtle sonic vibration, allows the user to glide its unique double sided edge in any direction, which makes it effortless to cover every contour of the face. Dead skin cells, built up debris and vellus hair are painlessly removed in a F-L-A-S-H.

“DERMAFLASH is a safe and effective way to painlessly remove dead skin cells and fine facial hair from home,” says Dr. Few. “After DERMAFLASH, women tell us that they feel more confident, wear less make up and love the fresh youthful feeling of their skin.”

In 10 simple minutes a week, you can get spa worthy skin that’s perfectly prepped for flawless makeup and skincare application.


Find DERMAFLASH at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Sephora, and The device retails for $189.




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