Large Batch Cooking Essentials for Summer Entertaining

IMUSA Electric Double Burner

Cooking outdoors? The IMUSA Double Burner comes in handy when you are preparing a meal and the stove is not within reach (i.e. backyard BBQs, camping trips, etc.)

  • This Double Burner is small and compact with a slim space saving design
  • Can be used for cooking outdoors or indoors
  • Features a temperature regulating knob with heat distribution coils
  • Power indicator light
  • Available at, $19.99

IMUSA Electric Pressure Cooker

Need to cook a meal in a hurry and don’t want to turn on the oven? The IMUSA Pressure Cooker is the solution! The IMUSA Electric Pressure Cooker speeds up cooking time by 70%, retain more minerals and vitamins, reduce energy and heat while cooking and are easy to clean up!

  • The unit traps steam inside, which builds up pressure to create hotter temperatures, and its tight seal locks in heat, moisture and flavors.
  • Use your IMUSA Electric Pressure Cooker for beans, soups, chili, poultry and other one-dish entrees.
  • 5 QT Capacity, Pressure Regulator
  • Digital Display for Easy Reading, Cool Touch Handle
  • 5 Functions that Include: Brown, Slow Cook, Pressure Cook, Steam & Warm
  • Available at Target; SRP $79.99

IMUSA Caldero

Cook your favorite meals using this versatile “workhorse” of the kitchen – the calderdo.

  • The caldero (or ‘cauldron’ in English) has rounded sides, a tight fitting lid, and superior heat distribution.
  • They are perfect for main dishes and sides for your summer meals. Calderos are used to cook rice, beans, braise meat, and simmer stews and soups.
  • Calderos are available in assorted sizes, colors, and finishes depending on your needs.
  • Available at major retailers such as and Prices range depending on size.

IMUSA Stock Pot with Steamer Insert

Corn on the cob and lobsters are two summertime favs and the IMUSA Stock Pot with Red Accents from the GlobalKitchen Mexico product line makes it easy to cook a large batch!

  • This aluminum vessel with steamer insert adds a new twist to cookware staples. Users can steam up anything and everything from seafood and vegetables to tamales—this essential multi-use durable pot has the extra capacity to prepare a host of classic recipes.
  • The steamer insert will keep your food out of water, while the glass lid provides visibility during the cooking process.
  • Available in 16 qt and 24 qt options, this vessel features a large cooking surface, aluminum construction, and a cool-touch knob and side handles for safe and easy maneuvering.
  • Use your stock pots to cook up delicious soups, stews, stocks, beans, lentils, sauces, pastas and more.
  • Assorted sizes available. Available at; SRP 16qt $34.99 / 24qt $39.99