NeoStrata® Launches SKIN ACTIVE Retinol + NAG Complex and Redness Neutralizing Serum at AAD

Princeton, New Jersey – March 4, 2016 – NeoStrata Company, Inc., announces the launch of NeoStrata SKIN ACTIVE Retinol + NAG Complex and NeoStrata Redness Neutralizing Serum today at the Annual Meeting of American Academy of Dermatology.  These two new launches add to NeoStrata’s robust portfolio of solutions to address the broadest spectrum of visible signs of aging and other skin conditions.

NeoStrata SKIN ACTIVE Retinol + NAG Complex diminishes signs of aging from the inside out for skin that looks and acts younger. The high-strength complex delivers 0.5 percent pure, stabilized Retinol along with patented NeoGlucosamine® (NAG) to amplify and intensify the volumizing and firming effects versus Retinol alone. A unique time-released microencapsulated delivery system maximizes Retinol stability while enhancing the tolerability of this potent formulation. In conjunction with the Retinol, NeoGlucosamine® helps build natural collagen and its surrounding support matrix to lift and firm the skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and age spots.

“Sunscreen aside, Retinol is one of the most important ingredients you can use to prevent and correct signs of aging skin,” says Barbara Green, Vice President of Clinical Affairs, NeoStrata Company, Inc. “It addresses everything from wrinkles to uneven tone to acne and pore size, making it a must-have in every skin care routine. With the SKIN ACTIVE Retinol + NAG Complex, we are able to deliver a high strength retinol formulation that is augmented by the matrix building and volumizing effects of NeoGlucosamine which we call NAG. It’s a new way to use retinol.”

NeoStrata Redness Neutralizing Serum targets the underlying causes of skin redness. With a lightly cooling effect, this soothing serum improves skin resiliency and reduces the appearance of flushing, while decreasing the potential for future redness-inducing triggers. NeoStrata’s BioCalm Complex™ helps interrupt the inflammation cascade while a Bionic/PHA formula restores and strengthens skin’s protective barrier. Vitamin E and White Tea Extract help defuse UV-induced damage caused by oxidative stress.

“Facial flushing can be a source of embarrassment for many women, and signs of discoloration may remain long after the initial trigger has passed,” says Green. “This serum effectively diminishes the appearance of redness while helping to prevent future cases from occurring. We’ve experienced great success with this serum in clinical trials, with 92 percent of users noticing their skin is less red in 2 weeks, and 67 percent noticing their skin is less red in 2 hours. Visual grading shows a 33 percent reduction in redness and in just two weeks of use.”

NeoStrata SKIN ACTIVE Retinol + NAG Complex ($78) and Redness Neutralizing Serum ($72) will be showcased at the American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting – March 4-8 in Washington, DC at Booth # 3923.

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