New Year Resolutions Vs Habits – A Lost Battle Unless We Change Our Approach To Negative Behavior

Don’t put it off any longer. It’s time to make 2015 the best year of your life. Why Keeping Resolutions Are So Ridiculously Difficult! The Handbook To Understanding And Overcoming Procrastination from noted psychologist and author Peter Sacco, is available for anyone to download at no charge on his website at:

Learn why the best intentions – that is, keeping New Year’s resolutions — fail more than they succeed. “Procrastination is a habit,” Sacco explains, and like other habits, it can become an addiction all too quickly. “Have you ever wondered why you procrastinate over and over, and why it’s so hard to stop it?” Why Keeping Resolutions Are So Ridiculously Difficult explores how procrastination starts in people’s lives and why it stays.

Sacco presents a compelling argument that procrastination is out of control in our culture, as are the bad habits and addictions which are its by-products. “There is a systematic, proven method for ending this negative cycle,” he says.  “Want to stop procrastinating for good? Well, first off read this book now at no charge instead of… procrastinating! It will change your life and get you to where you want to be!”

Peter Sacco is also the author of What’s Your Anger Type? − a book that explores the twelve different types of anger and offers powerful insights as to why so many people are addicted to anger. Another of his books, Right Now Enough Is Enough, is a self-help guide to overcoming addictions of all types by combining Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) with the law of attraction.

In addition to being an author of many books and more than 700 magazine articles, Sacco is a former private practitioner and former Editor-in-Chief of Vices: The Magazine for Addictions, Habits and Well-Being. He is an award-winning lecturer at universities in both the USA and Canada, specializing in relationships, criminal psychology, addictions, and mental health. He is also a frequent resident expert on several television programs and appears regularly on talk radio shows in USA Top 35 markets as well as hosting the weekly Toronto radio show “Matters of the Mind: Managing Relationships and Mental Health.” He is an award-winning executive producer and host of documentaries on relationships, psychological issues and child issues.

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