PHOTOS: Brenda K. Starr & Eddie Santiago Toast & Perform in Chicago

This weekend brought pop and salsa stars, Brenda K. Starr and Eddie Santiago to Chicago. The 80s and 90s idols headlined a dynamic show at The Arena Live which included opening acts, El Bandolero and La Obra. It was a packed event with over 3,200 attendees.

Starr recently spoke with Yahoo Insider about helping Mariah Carey launch her career and how she feels about her daughter, an aspiring artist herself, stepping into her shoes and coming into the music industry.

Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilege sponsored the Artist and VIP lounge backstage where guests enjoyed special signature drinks, “The Eddie Santiago,” “The Brenda K. Starr” and “The Arena.”  The concert was preceded by an intimate #PrivilegeToast celebrating Starr on Friday at Nacional 27 restaurant. The toast acknowledged Brenda’s achievements and influence in music and her efforts working with underprivileged children to bring music programs and education to schools.

Credit: Hennessy