From Fuzzy To Fabulous In A Flash

Mani and waxing go hand in hand. As women, it seems they are part of our maintenance. Every gal on the go knows that when you pop in for a polish, you can get your lip and chin waxed to save time. But what happens when that baby fine facial hair seems to reappear faster than your gel polish starts to crack? One of our biggest pet peeves is peach fuzz on the lip, cheeks and chin.

You no longer need to make an emergency appointment with your waxer, or worse… deal with stay whiskers. A brand new device that brings the benefits of professional dermaplaning home – DERMAFLASH – is changing how women can maintain silky smooth skin without a trip to the spa.

Just launched this month at QVC and Neiman Marcus, DERMAFLASH takes you from fuzzy to fabulous in a FLASH. Designed for the sensitive skin on a woman’s face, DERMAFLASH sweeps away dead skin cells, built up debris and vellus hair with a subtle sonic vibration in just 10 minutes a week. Meaning you’ll never have to deal with streaky hairs in your foundation or your ‘stash again.

Available: ,, QVC, Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman for $189.