This June Uncover Clear Skin with Forever Clear BBL

Since our teen years, we’ve tried numerous methods to get acne under control starting with toothpaste, alcohol and other harsh agents to creams and serums to over-the-counter drugs, dealing with long wait times, skin getting worse before it gets better and undesired side-effects.

Now there is a new patient favorite cutting edge light-based acne treatment: Forever Clear BBL uses the power of light to comfortably and effectively clear acne without creams or medicine. It uses a unique two-step process:

  • Step 1: Skin is first treated with blue BBL light to eliminate acne-causing bacteria at its source, deep down in the pores.
  • Step 2: Skin is then treated with red BBL light to reduce the inflammation and acne-associated redness to give you healthy, luminous skin.

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For added benefit, follow your personalized plan including add-on and follow-up treatments as well as a skincare regimen to keep your skin Forever Clear.

Physicians have successfully performed countless Forever Clear BBL treatments and a treatment takes as little as 15 minutes. Inflamed active acne begins to improve within a few days Forever Clear is great for both teens and adults, because it is non-invasive, fast, virtually painless, and typically allows patients to wear make-up right after and go back to their normal activities immediately.

To keep your skin forever clear, discuss a regular maintenance schedule with your physician.

For more information on Sciton’s Forever Clear BBL, please contact KELZ PR – Patty Mathews (

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