Special Time for East Coast and Central Viewers at 7PM ET/6C

The Final Four Battle It Out: Eduardo Morali, Matteo Salas, Rodolfo Castellanos, and Adria Montano

The modern entertainment and sports cable channel for Latinos presents the two-part finale of “Top Chef Mexico,” Thursday, May 19th at a special time for east coast viewers, 7PM ET/6C. Only four chefs remain in the competition: Rodolfo Castellanos, Matteo Salas, Eduardo Morali, and Adria Montano.

The season finale kicks off with a double elimination challenge that transports the Cheftestants to Yucatán, Mexico. Once there the chefs must create three dishes with ingredients inspired by three elements – earth, wind and water. Additionally, the dishes must be prepared using three different techniques based on the game Rock, Paper, Scissor. The judges decide which two chefs go on to the finale and which two get cut.

The two remaining chefs have to undergo the final challenge starting with a tempting offer and an auction, where each item up for sale could be instrumental in winning the competition. The chefs must use the items to prepare dishes that represent Yucatán, Mexico, and themselves. The dishes are judged by 20 traditional chefs from the region; Manuel Rivera, CEO of media company, Expansion, and Ricardo Muñoz, Zurita, owner of various restaurants in Mexico City including Azul Historico; and of course, the panel of Top Chef Mexico judges. All bets are off as each chef fights fire with fire to take home the coveted title of Top Chef.

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